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January 21, 2013

Dog Conversations

This last weekend Mrs. Nate and I had the fortunate opportunity to get together with some friends that we haven’t seen in quite some time. It was fantastic going to their place to catch up on all the great things that have gone in our lives since we last saw one another. My friend Sean is a cameraman for a sports network and dabbles in Webmastering like I do. He recently built a website for his wife, Jennifer’s home-based business called Perfect Pinkies. Highly recommended to you ladies out there if you live in SW Calgary!

Sean and Jennifer like Mrs. Big Nate and I have two dogs. Only they have two beautiful and well-behaved Rotties. It was a joy to have them present throughout our evening visit, just gorgeous! Additionally, there was another couple (Nick and Lee) who joined us for dinner as well and though they do not own a dog they often dog sit for their parents and love spending time with their parent’s dog whenever they get the chance.

As we gathered around the kitchen before dinner we chatted about various things and I started to notice that the topic of our conversations would always end up going back to our dogs or past experiences with dogs that were in our lives at one point or another. After we sat down for dinner the conversation continued on about all things dogs. Near the end of our dinner time some else must have noticed that we all seemed to be focused on dogs and actually said, “Don’t we have something else to talk about besides our dogs?” We all laughed after realizing that our beloved pooches had indeed ruled our thoughts.

For me it was no big deal, I think about dogs all the time. They are a huge part of my Facebook time since I am a fan of many dog or pet related pages. I cruise the internet looking for dog stories, blogs or news. I have many friends associated to dogs and pets simply due to the fact that I am active in Calgary’s pet industry. So I sort of expect to be thinking about or talking about dogs during a large portion of my free time. The funny thing is, the two other couples we were visiting with were not associated to anything in the pet industry, so I had no expected to be talking about pet waste removal, dog rescues or any other dog related topics.

But by the simple fact that we all have dogs in our lives, we all had something in common. Dogs give us a safe place to be when it comes to making idle chit chat with complete strangers or when having  in-depth conversations with close friends.

I wonder how many people became friends because their dogs wanted to meet and play together at the dog park or on a daily walk. I know when I’m out with our dogs; I see many of the same people over and over again. Although I have to confess, I know their dog’s name long before I ever think to introduce myself and officially meet them.

How many great people do you know because of your dog? For me I can safely say dozens! Sure I have to thank Poooh Busters for bringing me into the pet industry where I have met so many great, dedicated and talented people but I also have to thank my dogs. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this blog.