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May 27, 2010

Attack Cat?

The following story reminded me of the time our two cats cornered my sister-in-law's Chow. Dutchess the Chow is a pretty happy go lucky type of dog who is a bit hyper. When she comes over she bolts in the door and proceeds to run all over the house checking every room. Dutchess sometimes doesn't know when to back off when it comes to cats warning her to stay away.

We had two cats, both who have left our world, Sneaky and Monster. Well they got tired of her abrasive ways and decided to show her that cats rule and dogs drool. Dutchess came running in the house in her usual way and proceeded to our spare bedroom. Both Sneaky and Monster happened to be in there. We wondered all of a sudden where Dutchess was so I went looking for her. There she was backed into a corner with both cats stalking her like prey. They weren't going to let her out and it almost seemed like if I didn't walk in at that moment, they were going attack her! It was a sight, two small cats intimidating a good sized Chow.

This story is from Dogster's blog...

When a dog attacks a cat, it’s not news. But when a cat attacks a dog, it can be. Especially when it happens on a school playground with lots of children around. And especially when the dog is smaller than the cat.

It seems Rosie the Cat was hanging out at a local primary school’s yard in Cruden Bay, Scotland, as she loves to do. The children give her lots of attention, and she enjoys playing with them, according to the Evening Express.

Then a hapless Yorkshire terrier wandered into the cat’s “territory,” and Rosie apparently attacked him. Reports don’t say if the dog was hurt. It seems the dog was probably more frightened (and perhaps embarrassed).

Rosie’s owner, Angela Blanchard, had no idea her cat had been having a hissy fit at a canine when she got a personal visit from an officer from the Scottish SPCA. The officer told her about the incident, and said it’s under investigation.

Blanchard says Rosie does not, indeed, like dogs. “Rosie’s a lovely little family cat, she is very placid, but I suppose she could attack a dog,” she said.

She told the Evening Express it was “ridiculous” that someone reported her cat to authorities instead of coming right to her.

“What bothers me is that he now has to go away and file a report on this incident. The whole thing has been a waste of the Scottish SPCA’s time and money. They do an important and difficult job, and they could do without calls about a cat supposedly attacking a dog,” she said.

May 26, 2010

Jamaica's State of Emergency

Yikes! Can you beleive what is going on in Jamaica's capital city of Kingston right now?

I know this has nothing to do with dogs or pets but Mrs. Big Nate and I just returned from our vacation in Jamaica. The whole thing started while we were there!

The country is rising up against the government to support gang leader and drug lord, Christopher Coke. The country’s prime minister, Bruce Golding, announced that the authorities wanted to arrest the gang leader, after a series of coordinated attacks were carried out on police stations in areas of Kingston. In response, the prime minister put troops on the streets and declared a state of emergency in Tivoli Gardens, the west Kingston neighborhood, or “garrison,” loyal to Mr. Coke, who is commonly known as Dudus, and his Shower Posse gang. Apparently this guy was a former political ally!

Anyway, I would suggest staying away from Jamaica for a whille till things settle down a bit. Other than that, we had an awesome vacation and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get away and relax on the beach.

Back to our dog's life now!

May 3, 2010

May Newsletter and Poooper of the Month

Happy May 2010 Everyone!

With the exception of high winds, blasts of rain, dumps of snow and all around crappy, Calgary weather, I think it's safe to say Spring has arrived in our fair city. The Calgary weather has been sketchy at best. And of course as I write these words there is talk of more snow on it's way.
So again I want to warn our loyal customers that we may end up having to skip the odd day here and there as the weather just won't cooperate enough for us to do a decent job of scooping the poop!

If that happens, we promise to keep you up to date by posting route changes or cancellations on our Twitter feed. The Twitter feed then updates the news on our website's home page in real time. If you don't have a Twitter account, just go the Poooh Busters website you can see the updates right there. If you do have a Twitter account, be sure to follow our Tweets and have them delievered to your cell phone. That way you get the updates immediately! I love this about Twitter. If you use it right, it can be a great way to keep up on things as they happen.

Anyway, the reason for today's blog is to update you fine folks on the fact that our May Poooper of the Month has been posted and our May Newsletter is complete. So be sure to check these things out at your leisure and enjoy all the glory that Poooh Busters brings to your life.

Seriously, where would you be without us?