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August 22, 2009

Taking Online Payments Sooner Than We Thought!

Things moved a bit faster than I expected! I was able to create a payments page on the Poooh Busters website and add a few links to get to it throughout the site.

So if you are a customer of Poooh Busters and wish to make a payment using your credit card, please be sure to visit our Payment Page and start using our very convenient online, credit card processing.

As I stated before, we are using Paypal to process our payments for us so it is very secure and we never see your credit card number or personal information. Just please be aware that when going to our customized payment site on Paypal, it may appear as if you need a Paypal account to continue but you don't. Just click the "Continue" link beside the credit card symbols. See example.

Poooh Busters wants to thank all it's loyal clients for the conitnued support and patronage!

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