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November 6, 2009

What's the Deal?

Some of you may be asking, what's the deal? Where have you been? No new blog posts as of late! Well I have been quite busy over the fall season. Not just with Poooh Busters but with Canine Correction, and a few personal projects. Not to mention, losing weight (planned meals and a fitness regime), rescuing a dog and a cat, my Mom's passing and on and on...

I am happy to report that Poooh Busters has in all this, had a stellar year so far. So much has happened in 2009 it's hard to know where to begin. How about a point form list? Apparently, lists are a part of my personality profile.

January 2009
  • The team started off the year with very bad weather and lots of snow.
  • We handed out our new complimentary 2009 calendar to our loyal customers.

March 2009

  • I decide to step forward and become a larger presence on the Poooh Busters Team.
  • The Team geared up for the annual Calgary Pet Expo.

April 2009

  • We worked hard at the 2009 Calgary Pet Expo and announced the winner of our pet expo draw for a free year of pet waste removal service.
  • The field team, Roland and Erin, struggled through more bad weather and snow dumps but provided service with a smile when they could.
  • I decided to create a blog for the company in order to increase my online presence and as an attempt to keep our customers up-to-date on the happenings of the team.
  • Mrs. Big Nate and I decide to adopt a rescue dog named Oscar from a crappy and now defunct resue society. Dog good, whole experience, BAD!

May 2009

  • Me and the Mrs. attend the Humane Society's Annual Dog Jog. We raised over $600 on behalf of the team!

June 2009

  • I decide to increase the Poooh Busters newsletter from one page to two pages.
  • The team gets a call from the Federal Government stating that we must now start collecting GST...booo, hisss!
  • I decide now is the time to get in the online game and create a Twitter account and a Facebook group.
  • Our family loses our beloved cat, Monster. We still miss her dearly.

August 2009

  • Poooh Busters launches their first month of collecting GST and becomes a truly recognized, small business.
  • Roland asks me to start looking into how we can provide enhancements to our website allowing clients to pay online.
  • My wife and I adopt a little kitten from the Humane Society. Chloe is a handful and we love having her in our family. Well everyone except Mojo.

September 2009

  • We launch our first crack at online payments through It was a bit of a learning curve at first but we found it to be very beneficial to our customers.
  • Poooh Busters and Canine Correction strike a deal and aquire Pet Ala Mode. This company provides personal dog walking and professional dog sitting services. All business is handled through our company but Caroline provides the service. Welcome aboard Caroline and Cam. Here we GROW again!

October 2009

  • I worked very hard to set up online payments with a company called We were aboe to integrate our site into their payment system so payments are now seamless. No more Paypal in your face! And with that we were also able to implement Interac Online. The only drawback is that it is still very new and not all banks are online with it yet. Currently only BMO, TD, RBC and Scotia participate. If you bank with another company like CIBC or ATB, you're stuck using Visa or Mastercard.

November 2009

  • The field team buy a new house and move head office to SE Calgary! Roland and Erin are very excited to have purchased a home together and are moving there as I write these words. Congratulations!

Well it has been a very exciting and eventful year so far. Still another 6 weeks to go. We are already planning for the 2010 Pet Expo and we are getting close to producing our complimentary calendars. The calendars feature the Poooper of the Month for each month in 2009. We love this little project and hope everyone finds the calendar fun and useful.

I'm going to try and keep up on my blogs and updates more frequently. So till next time, take care!


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss....been there and would not go back there. Glad to see the companies grow...even though Poohbusters does not pick up poooh at my place, I and my pooches really really miss the weekly ``visit`` and excellent service.
    Landlords are not in favour of the poooh staying more than a min. longer than it takes for the dog to deposit it. The `joy`` of living in an apartment building. Wishing you all the best to come....

  2. Oh no! That is sad. I did not know we weren't still visiting your yard. Sorry to hear that your landlords are so rigid.

    Take care!