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January 2, 2010

Oscar and Mojo's New Year's Resolutions

Both Oscar and Mojo promise to be better dogs in 2010. Here are their top ten resolutions!

10. Leave the cat's food alone, both before and after the cat eats it.

9. All shaking will be done before entering the house or car, not after.

8. Neither the carpet or mommy and daddy's bed is a towel for cleaning our faces after dinner or to dry ourselves off after being outside in the snow.

7. Just because dead things on the ground smell good doesn't mean I need to roll on them or sniff for extended periods of time delaying our walk.

6. Mommy and daddy's underwear is not food nor is it a toy to play tug o' war with.

5. My parents have an alarm clock, they do not need us to wake them up five minutes before it goes off.

4. Just because the pantry door opens, it does not mean that that daddy is getting a treat for us.

3. I Mojo, promise not to scoot my bum on mommy's carpet whenever my anal glands are bugging me. I will politely ask to go the vet to get them expressed before I resort to this.

2. Other people who happen to be close by on our walks are not imminent threats that I Oscar to need to guard against and attempt to attack as we go by.

1. It is not necessary to seek out the carpet when we are about to vomit. The hardwood should do just fine.

Happy New Year from the Poooh Busters team and Oscar and Mojo!


  1. ....and Daddy Nate is a dreamer....:-) LOL

  2. Big time dreamer!

    I just want to say thanks Anne for reading the blog and posting your feedback. It's good to know I am reaching at least one person every now and then!