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March 30, 2010

Pet Expo was a success!

The Expo was a fantastic two days! We met a ton new people, made some great friends and became aware of a lot of great pet rescue foundations.

I think the thing I learned most about attending the Expo this year was the fact that there are so many resuce societys out there. They all are doing their best to make life a little better for som e very unfortunate dogs and cats out there.

There were so many specialized rescues. They specifically resuce certain breeds. There was one for pugs, one for greyhounds, one for pitbulls, one for Beagles and even one for Ferrets! But my favourite one is the Little Mutts Rescue. They specialize in dogs under 30 lbs.

Mrs. Big Nate almost brought home a little dog named Les. We would have picked him up but we felt we need a female dog to add to our pack, we already have two males. Mrs. Big Nate is overwhelmed by boys!

To do our part in helping this organization, we are going to feature one of their rescue's each month in our monthly newsletter. We might even feature Les in the April issue.

So I'll stop beating around the bush and get to what most people want to know. How was the winner of our draw for 26 weeks of free service

Drum roll please...

Our lucky winner is:

Michelle Conkin and family of Whitehorn in NE Calgary! Biscuit is one lucky dog who get to have his yard serviced once a week for six whole months! Congrats to Michelle, family and to Biscuit. Biscuit will be featured as April 2010's Poooper of the Month. Be sure to check out our website to see the lucky winner!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and entered our draw. For those of you who added a valid email address to their ballots, we would to like send you a show special rate to say thanks for entering.

Until next year, that's it for another Calgary Pet Expo. It was a blast!!

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