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May 26, 2010

Jamaica's State of Emergency

Yikes! Can you beleive what is going on in Jamaica's capital city of Kingston right now?

I know this has nothing to do with dogs or pets but Mrs. Big Nate and I just returned from our vacation in Jamaica. The whole thing started while we were there!

The country is rising up against the government to support gang leader and drug lord, Christopher Coke. The country’s prime minister, Bruce Golding, announced that the authorities wanted to arrest the gang leader, after a series of coordinated attacks were carried out on police stations in areas of Kingston. In response, the prime minister put troops on the streets and declared a state of emergency in Tivoli Gardens, the west Kingston neighborhood, or “garrison,” loyal to Mr. Coke, who is commonly known as Dudus, and his Shower Posse gang. Apparently this guy was a former political ally!

Anyway, I would suggest staying away from Jamaica for a whille till things settle down a bit. Other than that, we had an awesome vacation and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get away and relax on the beach.

Back to our dog's life now!

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