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August 7, 2010

Traveling With Pets

Holy she's freaking HOT out there today. You wouldn't think so by looking out the window but Mojo, Oscar and I just got back from a walk around the neighbourhood. It was cut short by the afternoon heat.

As we were walking I saw several RVs and Trailers coming and going. Some had dogs hanging out the window, others didn't. This got me to thinking about a road trip with my animals. They've never travelled that far or for very long. How would handle a two day trip to visit my sister in Fort St. John, BC? I started looking for advice on traveling with pets.
I found a great article by Jennifer L. Scott, D.V.M. She is a vet for the Sundance Animal Hospital here in Calgary. Great, helpful tips that I'd like t pass along. Here's some information in point form:

  • To start, try a few short trips in the car to see how they handle the experience
  • It may be helpful to put the dog or cat in a solid-sided crate to prevent motion sickness
  • Solid-sided crates can be hot, so keep them well ventilated and out of direct sun
  • Freeze water in a plastic container, slip these around the crate to create a cooler atmosphere
  • The frozen water also melts and creates cold drinking water for your pet
  • Offer food and water often but don't let them eat or drink too much, upsets there tummy
  • Sedative are always an option (not something I would use personally), use caution
  • Traveling to the US will require proof of up-to-date vaccinations (rabies in particular)
  • Make sure your pet wears ID at all times, microchipping should also be used
Just some interesting information in case you're thinking of traveling anywhere before our summer comes to an end!

Here's hoping the heat sticks around for more than a couple of days!

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