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October 13, 2010

Is Calgary Going To Vote?

Mrs. Big Nate and I will be taking time out of our Monday night on October 18th to take part in the Calgary Civic Election. I never used to care much about voting for any type of election; provincial, civic or federal. Like most young people I just never thought it was worth my time, especially since I wasn’t even really following politics in any way. I always had the mind that it just wouldn’t make a difference anyway, nothing ever changes, all politicians are the same, etc, etc.

Now that I’m older, I see the value in taking the time to vote. I still don’t really follow politics and I admit I haven’t really looked at the platforms of those running for the office of mayor. What I do care about is pets and pet care. Unfortunately I doubt animal welfare is a big priority for those looking at the problems of a huge city. Traffic, property taxes, economy, development, education, healthcare, etc, etc, etc. These all take a much more important place over what is going on in the pet world. I know human problems will always be more important than animal ones but I wonder what our candidates would say if we asked them their position on animal rescues and the plights they face each and every day.

What questions would you like to ask our mayoral candidates when it comes to pet care and their well-being?

Ms. Higgins, would you as mayor ever look at using the city coffers to provide some much needed funding to the Calgary Humane Society or the Animal Rescue Foundation?

Mr. McIver, would you as mayor ever consider increasing the budget our city spends on educating pet owners about the importance of registering and licensing their animals or on spaying / neutering their pets?

Without considering our pets as a platform issue, my real dilemma is who to vote for. I’m not a Ric McIver fan and I’m not sure Barb Higgins is the right choice either. In my opinion either Naheed Nenshi or Craig Burrows are good candidates. The problem is if I vote for either one of these guys, I feel my vote is basically a wasted one. I suspect neither of them will come close to Barb or Ric. So unfortunately the reality is it comes down to the two of them. I have to ask myself, of the two, who would I rather see in office?

It’s too bad that most elections always come down to two candidates. Voting for anyone else is pretty much a wasted vote. So my strategy is to put an X beside the name of the one I dislike the least and hope for the best.

What’s your plan? Do you have a strategy and know the platforms? Or are you just going with your gut?

Either way, I hope everyone gets out there on Monday and makes their vote count!

Please note that Big Nate's opinions are his own and not necessarily those of Poooh Busters Inc.

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  1. I see that you vote the way I do. I would like to see our city money spent on the people and animal life who live here not on our "image"