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November 15, 2010

Find The Paw Contest - Week Three

Well we're going into week three of our Find the Paw Contest.

The Pawhaus Pet Boutique and Poooh Busters have teamed up to provide you with this fun and easy contest.

Be sure to take part for a chance to win one of two $50 Gift Certificates! You can use these gift certificates to purchase anything at The Pawhaus Pet Boutique online store.

It’s easy to play and anyone in Canada can enter.
  • Just look for the Poooh Busters paw logo hidden somewhere Pawhaus’ website.
  • When you find it
  • Click on the logo, an email will open up
  • Enter your name and phone number in the email message
  • Click the send button

That’s it! You’re entered.

Play every week in November for up to five chances to win. A new paw will be placed every Monday.
Still haven’t found the first paw from week one or the second paw from week two? Here are all the clues again (pay attention to the words in italics):

Week One Clue: I was on vacation in the Caribbean; it was a real treat drinking my Pina Colada from a coconut.

If you’re looking for the Week Two paw, the clue is:

Week Two Clue: Cesar may not believe in training with treats but your little star might disagree. Say cheese!

For this week's third paw, the clue is:

Week Three Clue: Good golly Miss Molly! It's starting to get cold out there. I could just stuff myself into a nice, warm bed and stay there the entire winter!

You want to find this paw!

Happy hunting and if you have any questions about the contest please don’t hesitate to contact Big Nate anytime!

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