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April 21, 2014

2014 Calgary Pet Expo

It’s hard to believe another Calgary Pet Expo is quickly approaching.

Poooh Busters first attended this event as a vendor in 2006. I remember it was at the BMO Centre and we had a little, tiny booth with a single banner, a table with our first draw box and some brochures for handing out.

Poooh Busters Calgary Pet Expo Booth 2006
Our first booth at the 2006 Pet Expo
Roland had a couple of friends stand at the booth to invite passers-by to fill out a ballot for our contest. It was an impressive thing to watch Roland do what he does best, talk to people and sell his service! He certainly is a master at this craft and I know to this day, it’s one of the biggest reasons for Poooh Busters’ success.

I always did (and still do) my best to expose Poooh Busters to the world and get those phones ringing but without Roland closing the deal with each phone call, we just wouldn't have the customer base we have today.

So here we are, about to attend our 8th pet expo event and it’s shaping up to be our biggest and best year ever!

As always, all three members of the management team will be there, Roland, Erin and me. We've got some new banners to display, a poster sized picture of our team (courtesy of BrindleBerry) and like every year before, we have our infamous draw box so people can enter our contest to win 52 free weeks of pet waste removal service!

Not only do we have our annual draw, we also are offering an incredible show special designated for anyone who comes down to the show in person.

New clients can sign up for any of our weekly packages and get an additional 4 weeks of free service added on. Not only do new clients signing up for the first time receive this deal, but any of our existing clients can come down and renew or purchase their usual package to get their 4 free weeks as well!

We've offered a show special now for three years straight and it’s always a big hit with those who are able to take advantage of this fantastic deal.

Unfortunately there is always a down side to our show special. The whole idea of offering this deal is to draw visitors down to the show. We want people to come down and support this wonderful pet expo event and see all the great services, products and pet rescues Calgary and the surrounding areas has to offer its pet loving residents.

But inevitably, a few of our existing clients ask if they can take advantage of the show special if they just simply renew their weekly service package during this time without actually having to come down to the show. Poor Erin has to give them the bad news that it is only for people visiting the show in person who renew their packages at our booth.

They either get mad or make her feel guilty for not honouring the deal.

When I send out my email campaign to announce the show special or advertise it on Facebook and Twitter, I always try my best to make it very, very clear that persons wanting to take advantage of the offer MUST come to the show and renew their package at the booth in person.

So every year we feel bad that some folks are disappointed because they are not simply able to visit us at the pet expo and get the additional 4 weeks free.

In the end, these incentives we offer for the pet expo are for the purpose of enticing people to come down to the show.

The good news is we always offer 4 free weeks of service to anyone who refers us to another family that signs up and buys a weekly package. It's a pretty awesome referral bonus! So even if you can’t make it down to this event, you can always get some free weeks by simply spreading the woof!

We truly hope to see you this coming weekend at Spruce Meadows on April 27 (10am - 6pm) or April 28 (11am - 5pm).

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