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May 22, 2009

Father's Day

All my life I've had the impression that Father's Day is not as important or at least held in the same light as Mother's Day. I always thought that Dads got the shaft every June. I'm not sure what it is but we seem to take Mother's Day more seriously.

As a kid I was guilty of not putting in the same kind of thought or effort into my Dad's gift as I did for my Ma. Dad always got a crappy ashtray that I made myself or the proverbial tie. Mom got breakfast in bed or a nice brunch, along with a gift and even some flowers.

Now I'm no father, I've never had kids of my own. I'm not sure how things go these days for dads but I'm sure we are all still looking at Father's Day as a far off second to Mother's Day. Mrs. Big Nate and I still celebrate these days for each other as we look at Mojo, Oscar, Mr. Goo and Monster as our very own fur-kids. So gifts are presented from the dogs and cats.

As a responsible pet owner there are some things that I would certainly appreciate as a gift. The biggest thing being the gift of time. In my house I am responsible for walking our dogs, feeding the cats and cleaning up the poooh from our back yard. Now if I was a father who also had children and had to deal with all the responsibilities that came with that, I know I would love a Father's Day gift of Poooh clean up and dog walking. This would save me quite a bit of time each week to do other things I blogging.

So if you are looking for a great gift to give your Dad this Father's Day, don't go out buy him some crap tie that he won't wear, get him a Poooh Busters gift certificate! It's the gift of time and it a gift that shows you care.

Visit www. or call 403-462-4351 today and contact us for your gift certificate. Your Dad and his dog will love you for it!

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