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May 14, 2009

Calgary Blue Bin Recycling

Well I knew it wouldn't be long before I posted my first rant!

The Calgary Blue Bin Recycling Program has begun in my part of the city. I live in Auburn Bay, SE and we received our blue bins approximately 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been anticipating the day when I get to put my bin out for collection. Proudly showing that Mrs. Big Nate and I recycle everything we are able! Today was the day I put my bin out for the first time.

Now, I walk Mojo and Oscar every morning from 5:00 to 5:30...ish. I get to see what my neighbours are throwing away every Thursday morning. Sometimes I am appalled at the large amounts of garbage that folks put our every week for pick up. But I thought, when recycling begins, everyone will have much less garbage in their bags. Wrong!

As I was walking the boys this morning, I was very disappointed to see that maybe 20% of the homes in my cul-de-sac actually put out their bins for collection. We have had these bins for over three weeks and I have seen some homes where the bin is still sitting out on the lawn, untouched and unused. Anyway, of the 20% I saw, over half were not placed correctly according to the directions provided with the bins. So these folks must have pulled the instruction pamphlet off the lids and immediately discarded it in the recycle bin itself. Good for them, they're recycling already! But now I have to wonder what they are recyclying? If they didn't read the instruction pamphlet on proper bin placement, they obviously didn't read what you can and cannot place inside the bin to be recycled!

Come on Calgary! The city has provided us an opprotunity to be responsible citizens of the Earth. They couldn't have made it more easy either! No separating items like in the old days, no storing all your recyclables in the garage for weeks till you get enough to warrant the trip to the recycling depot. Just throw your items in the bin and put it out once a week with your garbage. What could be easier? All we have to do is pay the bill (in which we have no choice anyway) and read the instructions on how to do it. That's it! Just read the instructions to make the poor guy's life easier who has to pick this up from our streets.

In defense of Calgary on a whole, I was driving through McKenzie Lake on my way to catch the morning bus to work and saw at least 80% of the homes in that neighbourhood had put out their bins. At least 90% of those bins were placed correctly. So people in McKenzie Lake know how to read instructions! This makes me feel better as I know that not all of Calgary is following the example set by my fellow Auburn Bay residents.

We have been provided the tools to do the right thing, now let's get off our disposable society butts and take part in showing the future generation how continue this legacy of caring for our environment!

For more info visit the City of Calgary website on the Blue Bin Recycling Program.

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